Useful Foodie Web Sites


Here are some useful foodie web sites:                           The US food guide

                                 Upmarket wine and food magazine                    The Conde Naste travel/gourmet magazine          Mobil Travel Guide


The Mobil Travel Guide site is the nearest thing to a Michelin Guide for the USA – they do actually inspect, and their marking seems pretty accurate based on my experiences.  Unlike Zagat they are driven by cooking quality rather than fashion.  Their assessment of the five stars in New York is particularly revealing, as they correctly elevate Daniels above the sundry lesser places voted higher in Zagat: congratulations to them; they are a little generous to Jean Georges, but I think this is the best US guide by a long way.    Relais & Châteaux Guide


The independent hotel/restaurant association Relais et Chateaux, who also get the prize for the least stable web site name.  People have invested years in tracking them down on the internet, only for them to cunningly change the site name days later.  If only the German high command in World War II had been so assiduous, the Enigma code would never have been broken.  The above link works (for now).


See also:               Delightful food blog from a Thai woman living in silicon valley.                            Well written blog about eating in New York and San Francisco by foodie Alaina Browne                     Food importer/exporter with the best vanilla pods I have ever tried (thank you Brian)                               Well established professional foodie web site with a very active forum        Fine Wine Accessories direct


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